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Scientific Conferences & Abstracts

  • Spinal Cord Involvement in Incident Multiple Sclerosis Suggests Ethnic Differences; Amezcua L, Beaber B, Langer-Gould A. Poster presented at American Academy of Neurology (AAN), April 2015.

  • Perceptions about MS among Hispanic Americans: need for targeted messaging; Amezcua L, Polemanco A, Aparicio J, Tarlow L, Langer-Gould A. Poster presented at Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC), May 2015.

  • Experiences and Perceptions of Multiple Sclerosis and Pregnancy Among American Hispanics; Schroeder C, Hellwig K, Aparicio J, Amezcua L. Oral presentation at CMSC, May 2015.

  • Common Genetic Contributions of MS risk are found in Hispanic Americans with MS; Amezcua L, Beecham A, Delgado S, Manrique P, Lund B, Levy A, Beecham G, IMSGC, DeJager P, Oksenberg J, Mc Cauley J. Oral presentation at European Committee for the Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS), Barcelona, Spain, October 2015.

  • Hispanics enriched for non-European derived genetic ancestry are at increased risk of younger age of onset and optic neuritis; Amezcua L, Beecham A, Delgado S, Lund B, Burnett M, Manrique M, Islam T, Levy A, Oksenberg J, McCauley J. Poster presented at ECTRIMS, Barcelona, Spain, October 2015.

  • Genetic determinants of multiple sclerosis susceptibility in populations with non-European ancestry; McCauley JL, Beecham AH, Isobe N, Manrique CP, Lund BT, Levy A, Conti DV, Beecham GW, De Jager PL, Delgado SR, Oksenberg JR, Amezcua L. Poster presented at the 13th International Congress of Human Genetics (ICHG), Kyoto, Japan, April 2016.

  • A short film highlighting MS in Hispanic Lives: Fostering Cultural Sensitivity; Obiwuru O, Lihua L, Tarlow L, Joseph S, D’Andrade M, Amezcua L. Oral presentation at CMSC, June 2016.

  • Evaluation of local ancestry differences in multiple sclerosis among US minority populations; Beecham A, Amezcua L, Isobe N, Manrique P, Lund BT, Levy A, Conti D, Beecham G, De Jager P, Delgado S, Oksenberg J, McCauley JL. Oral presentation at ECTRIMS, September 2016.

  • Investigating the role of the major histocompatibility complex on multiple sclerosis in an admixed Hispanic population; Beecham A, Amezcua L, Chinea A, Beecham G, Delgado S, Patsopoulos N, Oksenberg J, McCauley JL. Poster presentation at ECTRIMS, Paris, France, October 2017.

  • Evaluating the distribution and haplotype structure of multiple sclerosis risk loci across populations; Beecham A, Amezcua L, Chinea A, Beecham G, Delgado S, Conti D, Oksenberg J, McCauley JL. Poster presentation at ECTRIMS, Berlin, Germany, October 2018.

  • Whole-blood eQTL analysis of multiple sclerosis patients from Puerto Rico; Bai H, Beecham AH, Miskimen KL, Manrique CP, Hulme W, McCauley JL, Bush WS. Poster presentation at American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG), San Diego, CA, October 2018.

  • Multiple sclerosis genetic risk score distribution and utility across diverse populations; Beecham A, Amezcua L, Chinea A, Beecham G, Delgado S, Conti D, Oksenberg J, McCauley JL. Poster presentation at ASHG, San Diego, CA, October 2018.

  • Greater Regulatory B-Cell Changes with Fingolimod Observed in Hispanics with Non-European Genetic Ancestry; Amezcua L, Rivas E, McCauley J, Jaberzadeh A, Lund B. Poster presentation at Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ACTRIMS), Dallas, TX, March 2019.

  • Effect of Race and Ethnicity on MS Presentation and Disease Course; Amezcua L. Oral presentation at ACTRIMS, Dallas, TX, March 2019.

  • Esclerosis Múltiple y Otras Enfermedades Inflamatorias Desmielinizantes y Autoinmunes del Sistema Nervioso Central; Amezcua L. Oral presentation at AAN, Philadelphia, PA, May 2019.

  • MS Genetics in Non-Europeans; McCauley JL. Oral presentation at CMSC, Seattle, WA, June 2019.

Key Publications

Following is a list of publications acknowledging ARHMS or including one or more of its members as an author.

  • Multiple sclerosis in Hispanics: a study of clinical disease expression.

Amezcua L, Lund BT, Weiner LP, Islam T. Mult Scler. 2011 Aug;17(8):1010-6. PMID:21467188

  • Vitamin D levels in Hispanics with multiple sclerosis.

Amezcua L, Chung RH, Conti DV, Langer-Gould AM. J Neurol. 2012 Dec;259(12):2565-70. PMID:22588255

  • Spinal cord lesions and disability in Hispanics with multiple sclerosis.

Amezcua L, Lerner A, Ledezma K, Conti D, Law M, Weiner L, Langer-Gould A. J Neurol. 2013 Nov;260(11):2770-6. PMID:23912723

  • Place of birth, age of immigration, and disability in Hispanics with multiple sclerosis.

Amezcua L, Conti DV, Liu L, Ledezma K, Langer-Goulda AM. Mult Scler Relat Disord. 2015 Jan;4(1):25-30. PMID:25729639

  • Multiple sclerosis in US minority populations: Clinical practice insights.

Khan O, Williams MJ, Amezcua L, Javed A, Larsen KE, Smrtka JM. Neurol Clin Pract. 2015 Apr;5(2):132-142. PMID:26137421

  • Clinical Expression of Multiple Sclerosis in Hispanic Whites of Primarily Caribbean Ancestry.

Hadjixenofontos A, Beecham AH, Manrique CP, Pericak-Vance MA, Tornes L, Ortega M, Rammohan KW, McCauley JL, Delgado SR. Neuroepidemiology. 2015;44(4):262-8. PMID:26184860

  • Headaches in multiple sclerosis: Cross-sectional study of a multiethnic population.

Sahai-Srivastava S, Wang SL, Ugurlu C, Amezcua L. Clin Neurol Neurosurg. 2016 Apr;143:71-5. PMID:26796785

  • Clinical Characteristics of Pediatric-Onset and Adult-Onset Multiple Sclerosis in Hispanic Americans.

Langille MM, Islam T, Burnett M, Amezcua L. J Child Neurol. 2016 Jul;31(8):1068-73. PMID:27021143

  • Perceptions of Multiple Sclerosis in Hispanic Americans: Need for Targeted Messaging.

Obiwuru O, Joseph S, Liu L, Palomegue A, Tarlow L, Langer-Gould AM, Amezcua L. Int J MS Care. 2017 May-Jun;19(3):131-139. PMID:28603461

  • Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus, and multiple sclerosis susceptibility: A multiethnic study.

Langer-Gould AM, Wu J, Lucas R, Smith J, Gonzales E, Amezcua L, Haraszti S, Chen LH, Quach H, James JA, Barcellos LF, Xiang AH. Neurology. 2017 Sep 26;89(13):1330-1337. PMID:28855411

  • Increasing Incidence and Prevalence of Multiple Sclerosis in Puerto Rico (2013-2016).

Chinea A, Rios-Bedoya CF, Vicente I, Rubi C, Garcia G, Rivera A, Diaz A, Romero EE, Hernandez Silvestrini Y, Diaz Y, Grupo de Estudios Colaborativos de Puerto Rico en Esclerosis Multiple (GECPREM). Neuroepidemiology. 2017;49(3-4):106-112. PMID:29136613

  • MS in self-identified Hispanic/Latino individuals living in the US.

Amezcua L, Oksenberg JR, McCauley JL. Mult Scler J Exp Transl Clin. 2017 Sep 25;3(3). PMID:28979795

  • Multiple Sclerosis Mortality by Race/Ethnicity, Age, Sex, and Time Period in the United States, 1999-2015.

Amezcua L, Rivas E, Joseph S, Zhang J, Liu L. Neuroepidemiology. 2018;50(1-2):35-40. PMID:29339633

  • Ethnic Considerations and Multiple Sclerosis Disease Variability in the United States.

Rivas-Rodriguez E, Amezcua L. Neurol Clin. 2018 Feb;36(1):151-162. PMID:29157396

  • Vitamin D and disability in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis in patients with a Mexican background.

Rito Y, Flores J, Fernandez-Aguilar A, Escalante-Membrillo C, Barboza MA, Amezcua L, Corona T. Acta Neurol Belg. 2018 Mar;118(1):47-52. PMID:28975580

  • Native ancestry is associated with optic neuritis and age of onset in hispanics with multiple sclerosis.

Amezcua L, Beecham AH, Delgado SR, Chinea A, Burnett M, Manrique CP, Gomez R, Comabella M, Montalban X, Ortega M, Tornes L, Lund BT, Islam T, Conti D, Oksenberg JR, McCauley JL. Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology 2018 Sep 23;5(11):1362-1371. PMID:30480030

  • The genetic diversity of multiple sclerosis risk among Hispanic and African American populations living in the United States

       Beecham, AH, Amezcua L, Chinea, A, Manrique, CP, Rubi, C, Isobe, N , Lund, BT, Santaniello, A,                       Beecham, GW, Burchard, EG , Comabella, M , Patsopoulos, N , Fitzgerald, K , Calabresi, PA, De                         Jager,  P ; Conti, D V ; Delgado, S R ; Oksenberg, J R ; McCauley, J L

       England Multiple sclerosis, 2019-08-01, p.1352458519863764, PMID: 31368393

  • Multiple Sclerosis Treatment in Racial and Ethnic Minorities: a systematic review.

      Robers MV, Soneji D, Amezcua L. Practical Neurology Feb 2020. 

  • Race and ethnicity on MS presentation and disease course

      Amezcua, Lilyana, McCauley, Jacob L, Chitnis, Tanuja, Prat, Alexandre London, England: SAGE                        Publications Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 2020-04, Vol.26 (5), p.561-567. PMID: 31965878

  • Race, ethnicity, and cognition in persons newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

      Amezcua, Lilyana, Smith, Jessica B, Gonzales, Edlin G, Haraszti, Samantha, Langer-Gould, Annette

     Neurology, 2020-04-07, Vol.94 (14), p.e1548-e1556. PMID: 32152131

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